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The howling and barking of dogs, the wawling and mewing of cats and neighing of horses are still lower utterances. The diphthongal sound of t heard in vital hermes kelly and y as heard in try, are both corruptions. The true and original sound of both these letters, is that heard in pin, and in truly. l'i.s merely the Greek form of i or j, both which were once,/. The sound that resembles the combination of dzh, or soft y, usually given to j, is quite a deviation from Hermes Handbags its original sound which was that of short e.
Thus Jehovah is now more properly spelled Yehovah or rather yhovah, as it ought to be sounded. Thus Jah, is, or ought to Hermes Outlet be sounded yah and lam (Ex. iii 14), more properly written, lam sounded yamore am. The y orj in this mtegory signifies the identity or personality of the lam, a His spirit descending into creation and m its production of created forms therein! Jah or yah represents, j or j divine identity, a His spirit descending into creation and h divine energy or power by which forms Hermes Bags were produced, became incarnate and redemption perfected. Thus in the utterance of this divine name or character, is included both creation and redemption. Jehovah is a great name, but far below hermes sale them. 1 am, as used by us in the English language, represents 1, my identity or self-hood, am, my existence or state of being.
Man is to all creation, in every grade and hermes birkin variety, both animate and inanimate, what the teeth of he threshing machine, by which all the threshing is actually done, is to the whole machine and all its fixtures, both active and stationary. By, and through rational man, as the machine by means of its teeth threshes grain, does the whole creation do the work of God and thus glorify Him.

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