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Hermes Birkin

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1Hermes Birkin  Empty Hermes Birkin on Sun May 22, 2011 3:58 am


solution and allow the chlHermes Kellyoride of lead to subside on cooling, after which I precipitate the copper as before. If the mineral I treat be regulus of copper, or the sulphide precipitate herein described, a portion of the copper only will be rendered soluble; this portion may be precipitated, but I prefer to use solution of black or green ash, and staelt the precipitate separately with great care; by this improvement I produce copper of a superior qHermes Birkinuality; the portion remaining undissHermes Handbagsolved I smelt. It is sometimes convenient to precipitate the silver and copper by means of other compounds of sulphur. To produce sulphides of silver and copper in all cases, I treat such sulphides as before explained, when describing my processes for treating such sulphides.

"Lastly, I select such product of the calcined ores and minerals as consist of oxide of iron; I separate the oxide of iron from the earthy matters by washing, and mix it with sufficient carbon to deoxidize the oxide of iron, and a small quantity of clay to causHermese it to cohere; I then mould the mixture into balls, or other convenient shape, and subject it to a smelting process in a reverberHermes outletatory furnace; the product is iron of fine quBirkinality. The carbon I use by preference to anthracite coal or charcoal, and in all cases the clay and carbon should be as free as possible from sulphur."

G. Hahner, in 1856, proposed to decompose certain metallic oxides at a high temperature in contact with alkaline chlorides, or other chlorides forming oxychHermes bagslorides, or chlorides soluble in water, in avoiding the formation of free soda by the addition of a mineral acid, and lastly, separating the metals contained in the solution, and utilizing the residues.

2Hermes Birkin  Empty Re: Hermes Birkin on Mon Jun 13, 2011 6:06 am


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