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They liken their aid efforts to those that helped countries emerge from communism after the Soviet Union collapsed. Cheap Christian Louboutin .We stand ready to extend this long-term global partnership to all countries of the region engaging in a transition towards free, democratic and tolerant societies."The pact also urges the IMF to provide "the necessary financial support" to help the struggling countries more. Christian Louboutin . "In the short term, partnership countries will work to support economic stabilization to ensure that instability does not undermine the process of political reform," the White House said. "We stand ready to help partnership countries meet their financing needs," the joint declaration said. Louboutin Sale. Following on Obama's pledge last week of $2 billion in U.S. aid, other members announced individual aid packages of varying amounts and duration. Qatar, for example, reportedly is talking with other oil-rich countries such as Saudi Arabia about a joint fund akin to the one Europe set up at the end of the Cold War. Discount Louboutin Shoes . In addition, the multinational development banks of the World Bank system pledged up to $20 billion in aid over three years if certain conditions are met.White House aides said the formal partnership would seek True Christian Louboutin Sale .two goals to help ensure that democracy takes hold: political reforms and economic growth.

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