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since the rapidly increasing numbers evidently depend upon the more extensive collections made in Timor than in Flores, and in Flores, than in Lombock but tiffany and co what we can depend more upon, and what is of more especial interest, is the greatly increased proportion of Australian forms and decreased proportion of Indian forms, as we Tiffany and co outlet go from west to east. We shall show this in a yet more striking manner by counting the numbers of species identical with those of Java and Australia respectively in each island thus In Lombock. In Florea. In tiffany outlet Timor. Here we see plainly the course of the migration which Marc Jacobs has been going on for hundreds or thousands of years, and is still going on at the present day.
Birds entering from Java are most numerous in the island nearest Java each strait of the sea to be crossed to reach another island offers an obstacle, and thus a smaller number get over to the next island.1 It will be observed that the number of birds that appear to have entered from Australia is much less than those which have come from Java Marc jacobs outlet and we may at first sight suppose that this is due to the wide sea that separates Australia from Timor. But this would be a hasty and, as we shall soon see, an unwarranted supposition.
Besides these birds identical 1 The names of all the birds inhabiting these islands are to be found in the "Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London " for the year 1863. Of The Timor Group. with species inhabiting Java and Australia, there are tiffany outlet a considerable number of others very closely allied to species peculiar to those countries, and we must take these also into account before we form any conclusion on the matter. It will be as well to combine these with the former table thus have been derived from Java and Australia is very nearly.

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