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1hermes kelly Empty hermes kelly on Thu Jun 30, 2011 11:38 pm


The phenomena immediately preceding, and those attendant on the chill, are for the most part unequivocally those of depression. The whole nervous system appears to have received a shock from the cause, cramping, and occasionally for a time almost deadening its energies. Something analogous to this we have in the hermes handbags effects of a severe surgical operation, of a severe injury in any part of the body, and of hermes birkin sudden alarming or afflictive intelligence. Along with the diminished exercise of the nervous function, is necessarily a diminution of all those functions dependent upon it.

We may thus partially explain the condition hermes outlet of the chill but there is something more which we do not fathom something in which the chill of fever differs from other instances of nervous depression. Upon principles which have already been explained, the general prostration is succeeded by reaction, and the fever is then established. But there is here also something more hermes bags than mere hermes handbags reaction. There is the continued action of the cause, a diversified play of sympathies in one case, a widely pervading influence from some unknown agent in another and fever is not purely, as some have maintained, the resilience of the bowed down system. A proof of this is, that the febrile excitement is by no means proportionate, in all cases, to hermes bags the hermes birkin initial hermes kelly nervous depression.

To unravel this complicated web is in the present state of our knowledge impossible. We are too little aequainted with the precise reciprocal actiou of the organs, with the nature of the hermes kelly nervous power by which this reciprocal action is maintained, and, in many instances, with hermes outlet the cause of the disease and its mode of operation, to enable us to advance far beyond conjecture. We know that the heart, arteries, and capillaries are in a state of super-excitement, and the blood often disordered that, under the combined influence of the nerves and blood-vessels, calorification is increased that all the secreting surfaces,.

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