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The phenomena of intermittent fever afford one of the strongest objections to the gastric hypothesis. This disease is cured by remedies which powerfully irritate the mucous membrane of the stomach. Quinia often produces great gastric irritation, and Peruvian hermes kelly bark still greater. Arsenic, which is a powerful gastric irritant, is perhaps, next to quinia or bark, the most effectual remedy. hermes bags Intermittents are hermes birkin occasionally cured by black or red pepper, taken between the paroxysms. When an organ is peculiarly disposed to inflammation, the application of an irritant is generally supposed to favour the disposition and substances of this kind are the last preventives we should be disposed to resort to. It is, therefore, by no hermes outlet means an established fact, that the fevers commonly considered as essential or idiopathic are gastro-enteritis much less those denominated symptomatic.

Undoubtedly fever may arise from inflammation of the stomach and bowels but it then takes rank with the other phlegmasiae. Nevertheless, gastritis is a frequent attendant hermes outlet upon fevers, much more hermes kelly so than was believed before Broussais called attention to the fact and there is no doaht that the treatment of these diseases has been favourably modified by the new light thrown upon them by this author and his disciples.

Admitting fevers to be in some instances idiopathic, in others symptomatic, the proper febrile movement, from whatever cause it may proceed, and however it may be complicated in different cases, is of the same hermes bags essential character. The functions are deranged, and in such a manner that all recognize the disorder when they encounter it. There must, therefore, be something in the dnf rent febrile diseases common to the whole of them, and to this the name of hermes handbags fever properly belongs. It is an interesting question what is hermes handbags the nature of the derangements in the functions. The mere statement that they are universally disordered gives no definite hermes birkin notion of the disease.

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