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1hermes handbags Empty hermes handbags on Thu Jun 30, 2011 11:35 pm


The red and furred tongue has very generally been considered as indicative of gastric disorder but the investigations of Louis and others have shown conclusively that no certain inference can be hermes bags drawn from the state of the tongue, in fevers, As to the state of the stomach. The tongue appears to feel, like all other parts of the body, the influence of the morbid cause. That it is so often disordered hermes bags simultaneously with hermes kelly the stomach proves that they are exposed to the same influence, not that the disorder of ono is dependent upon that of the other. Hence, the cleaning of the tongue is one of the best evidences of the decline of the fever.

It is said that leeches to the epigastrium, *re speedily followed by improvement in the appearance of the tongue. This is often true, and the fair inference is, that irritation or inflammation of stomach may exist hermes birkin in such particular instances, and aggravate the general fever. But very often, also, no such effect is experienced. Leeching to the temples would have a similar influence if cerebral irritation should exist. It is not, however, intended to deny that there is a sympathetic connexion, to a certain extent, between the tongue and the stomach the only point maintained hermes handbags is, that this connexion is not sufficiently close hermes kelly to hermes handbags justify the inference, that, because the tongue is red in fever, the stomach is inflamed.

If gastritis were the cause of fever, it should always precede it. We certainly very often have evidences of derangement of stomach before the attack of fever but there is no proof that this derangement is inflammation. It might as well be maintained that the nervous symptoms, which are much more prominent than the gastric, are proofs of the existence of hermes outlet inflammation of the brain. Besides, the gastric disturbance is by no means an invariable antecedent I have known hermes outlet a severe febrile paroxysm to commence immediately after hermes birkin a hearty dinner.

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