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1hermes bags Empty hermes bags on Thu Jun 30, 2011 11:33 pm


influence of the poison hermes kelly upon the nervous system has destroyed life so speedily, that there was no time for the establishment of inflammation just as the poisonous cause of fever occasionally proves fatal by its first depressing influence, before reaction can take place. The inference, therefore, from the occasional perfectly healthy appearance of the hermes outlet stomach after death, that it was not inflamed during life, remains unaffected and, if inflammation can be shown to be absent in a single case, the theory is disproved. But what are the evidences, independent of those offered by dissection, which hermes birkin are relied on to prove the invariable presence of gastritis? The sensation of heat, the intense thirst, the relief afforded by hermes birkin cold drinks, and the distaste for hermes handbags hot and stimulating hermes bags drinks, and for all kinds of food, have been mentioned.

It is true that these symptoms are very generally present but have we not also a hot skin, and are not cool liquids as agreeable to the surface as to the hermes handbags stomach ? and yet it is not maintained that the skin is inflamed. Thirst is not especially a sign of gastric inflammation. It perhaps more frequently indicates a particular condition of the blood, which calls for dilution. The distaste for hot drinks may indicate the existence of gastric heat, but not necessarily inflammation. The distaste for food proves a loss of digestive power, and frequently exists in the state most opposite to inflammation.

Other indications of inflammation which have been mentioned are nausea and vomiting, and the red and coated tongue. The first two are often present, but they are also frequently absent, aud, even if they were invariable attendants, would not prove the existence of inflammation as they often hermes kelly indicate mere nervous hermes bags irritation of the stomach, or of the centres which supply it with nervous influence and are hermes outlet quite compatible with true debility of the organ.

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