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Bet pain, tenderness, and nausea, are not unfrequently wanting and dissection does not always reveal marks of inflammation. Even when supposed Hens of inflammation have been discovered after death, they are often in fact not at all to hermes birkin be relied on as redness, both in patches and in arborescent ramifications, is not unfrequently presented by stomachs perfectly healthy, in persons, for example, who have died by violence.

The late Dr. Parrish found the same appearance in the gastric mucous membrane of hogs, which had been bled to death at the shambles and hermes kelly the most experienced pathologists say that it is difficult, if not impossible, to discriminate between this merely physical phenomenon, and the redness of inflammation, unless some other marks of this diseased condition be presented. Thus, then, it appears that the gastric mucous membrane is found, in cases of death from fever, without any signs of inflammation, and that often, when these signs apparently exist, they are in fact delusive. But the advocates for the gastric theory maintain that iuflammation may have existed without leaving a trace discoverable upon post-mortem examination and they appeal to the disappearance of the redness after death, in cases of superficial inflammation of the skin.

It is, however, utterly impossible, from the very Dature hermes handbags of the inflammatory process, that this should exist with sufficient violence, or of hermes outlet sufficient duration to occasion death, without leaving hermes birkin some marks, either of congestion, exudation, softening, or other organic change, discoverable by hermes bags close inspection. Even in the skin, unless exceedingly slight or transient, it produces some hermes kelly derangement of structure evident after death. Those cases of poisoning by arsenic, in which the stomach retains its healthy colour after death, have been adduced in proof of hermes outlet the assertion, hermes bags that, even after fetal inflammation, the redness may entirely disappear. But hermes handbags these cases are more reasonably explained upon the supposition, that the deadly.

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