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hermes outlet If inflammation be the cause of intermittents, it must be internal why does not external inflammation, which is obvious to the senses, occasionally pursue the same course, and give rise also to intermittent fever? The want of such cases of external origin may justify the suspicion, that those persons may be mistaken who conjecture the existence hermes outlet of hermes birkin internal inflammation in intermittents and if it be not the cause of this form of fever, there is reason to suppose that there has been an equal mistake in ascribing other forms, hitherto regarded as idiopathic, to the same cause. If the general truth be established, that fevers hermes birkin may exist independently of inflammation, those theories fall of course which ascribe them invariably to inflammation of some particular organ. Still, it may not be improper to offer i few observations upon the most prominent theories of this kind presented to the public.

Clutterbuck, it has already hermes handbags been stated, seated all the fevers, ufly called idiopathic, in the brain. A sufficient refutation of his theory i . that, though perhaps in all cases of fever there is more or less nervous disorder, yet often no symptoms exist which would call attention particularly U the brain, and very often dissection discovers no satisfactory evidence of inflammation in that organ, hermes handbags or its appendages. But the doctrine of Broussais is more plausible, and has obtained much wider currency.

I shall, therefore, present somewhat more at large the considerations opposed to hermes bags it. The reader will recollect that Broussais' theory regards fever as gastritis, or gastroenteritis the intestines, according to that author, always exhibiting marks of inflammation, when hermes bags the stomach is found to have been inflamed, in fatal cases of fever. I admit fully that the stomach is always disordered in fever. Evidence of this fact has already hermes kelly been presented. That the same organ is often inflamed is equally beyond doubt. The burning sensation, the uneasiness or pain in the hermes kelly epigastrium, the tenderness upon pressure, the frequent nausea or vomiting, as well as the appearances after death, are sufficient proofs of this fact.

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