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2. If fever always originated from local inflammation, there should be, in those varieties hermes bags deemed idiopathic, as there is in the proper phleginasiae, some pain or other indication of the local disorder previously to the commencement of the fever. It must be admitted that this is not always the case in fevers universally considered as symptomatic but it is so as a general rule and, therefore, as a general rule also, evidences of inflammation should precede Other fevers, if they are to be considered as hermes outlet phlegmasia. But this does not happen. In the great majority of cases of fever, usually called essential, there is no certain evidence whatever of antecedent hermes birkin inflammation.

On the contrary, the preliminary symptoms are rather those of depression than excitement, and indicate disorder rather in the nervous than the circulatory system. 8. When fever arises from inflammation, we expect it, in general, to be proportionate, in some measure, hermes bags to the violence of its cause. We do not look for a hermes kelly very violent fever from a very slight inflammation. Now we often have fevers consisting of a single short paroxysm, or of hermes birkin recurring paroxysms, with perfect intermissions and, in these cases, the febrile movement is frequently of the very highest grade. If the fever depended on inflammation, this also should be severe and yet it is scarcely possible to conceive of a violent inflammation, sufficient to produce intense fever, continuing only for three or ffiir hours.

Severe inflammation usually requires some time for its developement, some time hermes handbags for its increase, and some time for its decline. It seems evident that an inflammation, capable of producing the paroxysm of an intermittent, must be of so high a grade as scarcely hermes outlet to leave a doubt of its existence *nd yet, never till the present century did it occur to the most observing phy icians that inflammation is an hermes handbags invariable hermes kelly attendant upon this disease.

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