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1hermes handbags Empty hermes handbags on Thu Jun 30, 2011 11:28 pm


I propose in this place to offer some arguments in proof of the occasional independent existence, or idiopathic hermes kelly nature of fever. They who maintain a contrary opinion, with the exception of the humoral pathologists, ascribe fever to local inflammation exclusively. The arguments will, therefore, be directed especially to that point. 1. Fever often occurs without exhibiting any certain, or even probable evidence of inflammation of any one organ, either at its origin hermes bags or during its course. There is always derangement of function but this is not necessarily connected with inflammation. Pain is sometimes wholly wanting, and when present, especially in the early stages, is often obviously of the neuralgio character.

The most accurate examination fails to discover hermes outlet the usual physical signs of inflammation. It is true that, in fatal cases, dissection generally reveals appearances which could only have resulted from this cause. But it must be borne in mind that the febrile movement has a strong tendency to generate inflammation, and, though it may be entirely free from this complication at the commencement, will very frequently induce it, if sufficiently protracted and severe to destroy life. Indeed, fever proves fatal, in very many cases, through the instrumentality of the inflammation hermes birkin which it excites. So far, therefore, are these appearances from proving the fever to have been produced by the inflammation, that it would bo surprising were they absent in protracted hermes handbags and fatal cases of this disease, though free from inflammation at the commencement. The onset of the inflammation, when it takes place, is hermes birkin generally sufficiently striking to engage the attention of the physician.

But the post-mortem appearances of this hermes kelly affection are not always present, and, when they exist, are hermes handbags often in a degree, which evinces that it could have been the cause neither of the fever, nor of the fatal issue. In the absence, therefore, of proofs of hermes bags inflammation, we have no right to hermes outlet assume its essential existence and the disease should be taken for what it seems, namely, mere functional disorder.

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