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Secretion is universally affected, being generally deficient, sometimes too copious, and often quite deranged. That the nutritive function is almost suspended is proved by the length of time during which life is often saitaiued in hermes outlet fevers without food. The calorific function is almost invariably hermes birkin more active than in health, in fully developed fever. If each of hermes handbags the organs be taken in like manner successively, they will be found, without exception, to be more or less disordered.

We are justified, therefore, in considering fever as a disease of the whole system. The question now arises, can this disease exist of itself, or is it necessarily connected with and dependent hermes bags upon some local lesion in other words, can it be essential or idiopathic, or is it always and necessarily symptomatic? I believe that general hermes handbags opinion is correct in considering it sometimes as one, and sometimes as the other. The advocates hermes kelly of the exclusive local dependence of fever have thrown away much eloquence in combating a chimera, which they denominate ontology, hermes birkin as hermes bags if their opponents believed in the existence of something distinct and independent of the system, under the name of fever.

All that is maintained by the essentialists is, that in fever all the functions are disordered, without any necessary dependence upon disease in one particular part. In maintaining the existence of essential fever, it is not necessary to support the notion of universality in the action of its cause. This mayor hermes kelly may not be the case. The probability is, that some causes act locally on one organ exclusively, others act generally on several organs, some universally on all. But, when an essential fever arises hermes outlet from a cause acting upon a particular part, the first impression, after setting the febrile movement a going, is no longer absolutely necessary to it, and may cease altogether. Otherwise the fever would be symptomatic of the local affection.

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