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) By this means the greatest part of the Turkish women of the city get abroad to breathe the fresh air at such seasons, unless confined (as is not uncommon) to their houses hermes outlet by order of the bashaw, and so deprived even of that little freedom which custom had procured them from their husbands." The prohibitions ot the bashaws are designed, or pretended to be designed at least, to prevent the breach of chastity, for which these liberties of going abroad might be supposed to afford an opportunity.

For the same reason it may be apprehended that St. Paiii joins the being chaste and keepers at home together. H*bMer. CHAPTER III. Ver. 12. When I shall send Artemas unto thee, or Tychicus, be diligent to come unto me to Nicopolis for I have determined there to winter. Concerning the annals of Nicopolis, only a few trifling memorials are to be gleaned from the works of historian How soon it enjoyed the light of Christianity is not precisely hermes bags known, but that it was honoured early with the presence of that great champion of the faith, St. Paul, we mat infer hermes handbags from his intention expressed to Titus, of spending the winter there, on his return from Macedonia from hermes birkin whence it is extremely probable that he had many Nieopolitan converts already established.

Its reign of splendour was but short, for it soon experienced those bitter reverses of fortune, which all the other unhappy province* endured in the decline of the Roman empire. The citv mentioned by St. Paul could not possibly have been (according to the surmise of some critics) Nicopolis on hermes kelly Uk Danube, or that of Thrace, for these were both built br Trajan. (Hughes's Travels in Sicily.) Border. THE EPISTLE OF PAUL, THE APOSTLE, TO THE HEBREWS. CHAPTER L Ver. 8.

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