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Neither of these physical differences corresponds with the remarkable change in natural productions which occurs at the Straits of Lombock, separating the island of that name from Bali, and which is at once so large in Marc Jacobs amount and of so fundamental a character, as to form an important feature in the zoological geography of our globe. The Dutch naturalist Zollinger, who resided a long time in the island of Bali, informs us that its productions completely tiffany outlet assimilate with , those of Java, and that he is not aware of a single animal found in it which does not inhabit the larger island.
During the few days which I staid on the north coast of Bali, on my way to Lombock, I saw tiffany and co several birds highly characteristic of Javan ornithology. Among Of The Timor Geoup. 211 these were the yellow-headed weaver (Ploceus hypoxantha), the black grasshopper-thrush (Copsychus amccnus), the rosy barbet (Megalasma rosea), the Malay oriole (Oriolus horsfieldi), the Java ground-starling (Sturnopastor jalla), and the Javanese three-toed woodpecker (Chrysonotus tiga). tiffany outlet On crossing over to Lombock, separated from Bali Marc jacobs outlet by a strait less than twenty miles wide, I naturally expected to meet with some of Tiffany and co outlet these birds again but during a.
stay there of three months I never saw one of them, but found a totally different set of species, most of which were utterly unknown not only in Java, but also in Borneo, Sumatra, and Malacca. For example, among the commonest birds in Lombock were white cockatoos and three species of Meliphagidae, or honey suckers, belonging to family groups which are entirely absent from the western or Indo-Malayan region of the Archipelago. On passing to Flores and Timor the distinctness from the Javanese productions increases, and we find that these islands form a natural group, whose birds are related to those of Java and Australia, but are quite distinct from either. Besides my own collections in Lombock and Timor, my assistant Mr.

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