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feet of straight smooth trunk

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1feet of straight smooth trunk Empty feet of straight smooth trunk on Tue May 24, 2011 4:29 am


One of them first produced a long piece of wood, apparently the stem of a small tree or creeper, which he had brought with him, and began splitting it through in several directions, which showed that it was very tough and stringy. He then wrapped it in palm-leaves, which were secured by twisting a slender creeper round them. He then fastened his cloth tightly round his loins, and, producing another cloth, wrapped it round Marc jacobs outlet his head, neck, tiffany outlet and body, and tied it firmly round his neck, leaving his face, arms, and legs completely bare.
Slung to his girdle he carried a long thin coil of cord and while he had been making these preparations one of his companions had cut a strong creeper or bush-rope eight or ten yards long, tiffany outlet to one end of which the wood-torch was fastened, and lighted at the bottom, emitting a steady stream of smoke. Just above the torch a chopping-knife was fastened by a short Marc Jacobs cord. The bee-hunter now took hold of the bush-rope just above the torch and passed the other end round the trunk of the tree, holding one end in each hand. Jerking it up the tree a little above his head, he set his foot against the trunk, and, leaning back, began walking up it.
It was wonderful to see the skill with which he took advantage of the slightest irregularities of the bark or obliquity of the stem to aid his ascent, jerking the stiff creeper a few feet higher when he had found a firm hold for his bare foot. It almost made me giddy to look at him as he rapidly got up thirty, forty, fifty feet above the ground, and I kept wondering how he could possibly mount the next few feet of straight smooth trunk. Still, however, he kept on with as much tiffany and co coolness and Tiffany and co outlet apparent certainty as if he were going up a ladder, till he got within ten or fifteen feet of the bees.

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