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countries we will now consider. If we

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1countries we will now consider. If we Empty countries we will now consider. If we on Tue May 24, 2011 4:27 am


Allen made a good collection in Flores and these, with a few species obtained by the Dutch naturalists, enable us to form a very good idea of the natural history of this group of islands, and to derive therefrom some very interesting results. The number of birds known from these islands up to this date is 63 from Lombock, 86 from Flores, and 118 from Timor and from the whole group 188 species. With the exception of two or three species which appear to have been derived from the Moluccas, all these birds can be traced, either Marc jacobs outlet directly or by close allies, to Java on.
the one side, or to Ausstralia on the other, although no less than 82 of them are found tiffany outlet nowhere out of this small group of islands. There is not, however, a single genus peculiar to the group, or even one which is largely Marc Jacobs represented in it by peculiar species and this is a fact which indicates that the fauna is strictly derivative, and that its origin does not go back beyond one of the tiffany and co most recent geological epochs. Of course there are a large number of species (such as most of the waders, many of the raptorial birds, some of the kingfishers, swallows, and a few others) which range so widely Tiffany and co outlet over a large part of the Archipelago that it is impossible.
to trace them as having come from any one part rather than from another. There are fifty-seven such species in my list, and besides these there are thirty-five more which, though peculiar to the Timor group, are yet allied to wide-ranging forms. Deducting these ninety-two species, we have nearly a hundred birds left whose relations with those of other countries we will now consider. If we first take those species which, as far as we yet know, are absolutely confined to each island, we tiffany outlet find in The actual number of peculiar species in each island I do not suppose to be at all accurately determined,.

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