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The fact that the Australian species in these islands have mostly changed, while the Javan species have almost all remained unchanged, would therefore indicate that the district was first peopled from Australia. But, for this to have been the case, the physical conditions must have been very different from what they are now. Nearly three hundred miles of tiffany and co open sea now Tiffany and co outlet separate Australia from Timor, which island' is connected with Java by a chain of broken land divided by straits which are nowhere more than about twenty miles wide. Evidently there are now great facilities for the natural productions of Java to spread over and occupy the whole of these islands, while those of Australia would find very great difficulty in getting across.
To account for the present state Marc Jacobs of things, we should naturally suppose that Australia was once much more closely connected with Timor than it is at present and that this was the case is rendered highly probable by the fact of a submarine bank extending along all the north and west coast of Australia, and at one place approaching within twenty miles of the coast of Timor. This indicates a recent subsidence of North Australia, which probably once extended as far as the edge of this bank, between which and Timor there is an unfathomed depth of ocean.
I do not think that Timor was ever actually connected tiffany outlet with Australia, because such a large number of very abundant and characteristic groups of Australian birds are quite absent, and not a single Australian mammal has entered Timor which would certainly not have been the case had the lands been actually united. Such groups as the bower birds (Ptilonorhynchus), the black and red cockatoos (Calyptorhynchus), the blue wrens (Malurus), the crowshrikes (Cracticus), the Australian shrikes (Falcunculus and ColluricinOf The Timor Group. 215 cla), and many others, which abound all over Australia, would certainly have spread into Timor if it had Marc jacobs outlet been united to that country, or even if for any long time it had approached nearer to it than tiffany outlet twenty miles.

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