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1slowly piling up Empty slowly piling up on Tue May 24, 2011 4:26 am


Neither do any of Tiffany and co outlet the Marc Jacobs most characteristic groups of Australian insects occur in Timor so that every thing combines to indicate that a strait of the sea has always separated it from Australia, but that at one period this strait was reduced to a width of about twenty miles. But at the time when this narrowing of the sea took place in one direction, there must have been a greater separation at the other end of the chain, or we should find more equality in the numbers of identical and representative species derived from each extremity. It is true that the widening of the strait at the Australian end.
by subsidence would, by putting a stop to immigration and intercrossing of individuals from the mother-country, have allowed full scope to the causes which have led to the modification of the species while the continued stream of immigrants from Java would, by continual intercrossing, check such modification. This view will not, Marc jacobs outlet however, explain all the facts for the character of tiffany outlet the fauna of tiffany and co the Timorese group is indicated as well by the forms which are absent from it as by those which it contains, and is by this kind of evidence shown to be much more Australian than Indian.
No less than twenty-nine genera, all more or less abundant in Java, and most of which range over a wide area, are altogether absent while of the equally diffused Australian genera only about fourteen are wanting. This would clearly indicate that there has been, till recently, a wide separation from Java and the fact that the islands of Bali and Lombock are small, and tiffany outlet are almost wholly volcanic, and contain a smaller number of modified forms than the other islands, would point them out as of comparatively recent origin. A wide arm of the sea probably occupied their place at the time when Timor was in the closest proximity to Australia and as the subterranean fires were slowly piling up fertile islands of Bali and Lombock, the northern shores of Australia would be sinking beneath the ocean.

2slowly piling up Empty Re: slowly piling up on Tue May 24, 2011 4:28 am


equal, but there is Marc Jacobs this remarkable difference between the two series that whereas the larger proportion by far of the Java set are identical with those still inhabiting that country, an almost equally large proportion of the Australian set are distinct, though Marc jacobs outlet often very closely allied species. It is to be observed, also, that these representative or allied tiffany outlet species diminish in number as they recede from Australia, while they increase in number as they recede from Java. There are two reasons tiffany and co for this, one being that the islands decrease rapidly in size from Timor to Lombock, and can therefore support a decreasing number of species the other and the.
more important is, that the distance of Australia from Timor cuts off the supply of fresh immigrants, and has thus allowed variation to have full play while the vicinity of Lombock to Bali and Java has allowed a continual influx of fresh individuals, which, by crossing with the earlier immigrants, has checked variation. To simplify our view of the derivative origin of the birds of these islands, let us treat them as a whole, and thus perhaps render more intelligible their respective relations to Java and Australia. The Timor group of islands contains Javan birds 36 Australian birds 13 Closely allied species 11 Closely allied species j!
5 Derived from Java 47 Derived from Australia 48 We have here a wonderful agreement in the number tiffany outlet of birds belonging to Australian and Javanese groups, but theyare divided in exactly a reverse manner, three-fourths of the Javan birds being identical species and one-fourth representatives, while only one-fourth of the Australian forms are Tiffany and co outlet identical and three-fourths representatives. This is the most important fact which we can elicit from a study of the birds of these islands, since it gives us a very complete clew to much of their past history. Change of species is a slow process. On that we are all agreed, though we may differ about how it has taken place.

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