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I once saw the natives Empty
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I once saw the natives

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1I once saw the natives Empty I once saw the natives on Tue May 24, 2011 4:25 am


The soil seems very poor, consisting chiefly of decomposing clayey tiffany outlet shales, and the bare earth and rock is almost everywhere visible. The drought of the hot season is so severe that most of the streams dry up in the plains before they reach the sea every thing becomes burnt up, and Marc jacobs outlet the leaves of the larger trees tiffany and co fall as completely as in our winter. On the mountains from two to four thousand feet elevation there is a much moister atmosphere, so that potatoes and other European products can be grown all the year round. Besides ponies, almost the only exports of Timor are sandal-wood and beeswax. The sandal-wood (Santalum sp.
) is the produce of a small tree, which grows sparingly in the mountains of Timor and many of the other islands in the far East. The wood is of a fine yellow color, and possesses a well-known delightful fragrance which is wonderfully permanent. It is brought down to Delli in small logs, and is chiefly exported to China, where it is largely used to burn in the temples, and in the houses of the wealthy. The bees-wax is a still more important and valuable product, formed by the wild bees (Apis dorsata), which build huge honey-combs, suspended in the open air from the under side of the lofty branches of the highest trees.
These are of a semicircular form, and often three or four feet in diameter. I once saw the natives take a bees' nest, and a very Tiffany and co outlet interesting sight it was. In the valley where I used to collect insects I one day saw three or four Timorese men and boys under a high tree, and, looking up, saw on a very lofty horizontal Marc Jacobs branch three large bees' combs. The tree was straight and smooth-barked and without a branch, till at seventy or eighty feet tiffany outlet from the ground it gave out the limb which the bees had chosen for their home. As the men were evidently looking after the bees, I waited to watch their operations.

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