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1Hermes Lindy Empty Hermes Lindy on Sun May 22, 2011 4:17 am


p;Reagents, employed in smelting ores. Silver. Sulphtr. Tin.
COPING. Fr., Hermes KellyLarmier; Ger., Mauerabdeckumj; Ital., Coronamento; Span., Cuballete.
The Coping is the highest or covering course of masonry in a wall, often with sloping edges to carry off water; sometimes called capping.
COP-SPINNER. Fr., Bobinoir; Ger., Spulmaschine; Ital., Filatoio; Span., Hilandera.
See Cotton Machinery.
CORK-CUTTING MACHINE. Fr., Bouchonnier; Ger., Pfropfenschneidmaschine; Ital., Macchina dHermes Birkina turaccioli; Span.,Aidquina jxira cortar corchos.

Figs. 2134 to 2139 relate to a peculiar construction and arrangement of a cork-cutting machine, invented by Hammer and Butz, of Philadelphia, U.S., whereby all the successive operations for transforming the bark of the cork-tree into any of the various descriptions of corks, may be conducted in such a manner, that the several operations can be siHermes Handbagsmultaneously employed at differentremaining charges will then be moved forward to the next lower bed, and a fresh charge put into the upper bed, each one of the charges being kept regularly raked in its turn. A brisk firHermese is to be kept up in the furnace during the whole time, and a damper is applied to the chimney to obtain regulation. As the decomposition of the salt and ore proceeds, the mixture is gradually fitted to bear the increase of temperature oation of sulphate of soda and chloride of sodinm, the liquors obtained being employed in the lixiviation of fresh sulphate ash. This precipitate is bulky; buHermes outlett, by filtration and drying, its volume is very much diminished, and it is then obtained in a condition fit for reduction to the metallic state by the usual metallurgical process. The solution invention, is to be carried on in suitable furnaces. The one which I prefer is a reverberatory furnace, having four beds, each succeeding bed being on a somewhat higher level in proceeding from the fire towards the end of the furnace. At the same time I do not confine myself thereto, as the furnace employed may be varied without departing from my invention; and the ore or mineral, with Hermes bagssalt, are to be introduced on the bed of the furnace most distant from the fire, in order that the sulphur given off at comBirkinparatively low temperature may be taken up by the salt; and as tho ores operated on progressively require more heat to separate the sulphur, they will progressively be brought on to a hot

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