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Hermes Handbag

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1Hermes Handbag Empty Hermes Handbag on Sun May 22, 2011 4:12 am


deposit at the bottom of the vessel in which the lime has been dissolved and driven off. Oxidized and other ores whiHermes Kellyh do not contain sulphur or other mHermesineralizing substances only require to be brought to a red heat. The ores treated as before described are then reduced to powder by the ordinary means, and again roasted in a reverberatory furnace, a small quantity of coke, charcoal, coal dust, or other combustible being added to facilitate the operation. To decompose metallic oxides obtained, and also other Hermes Birkinoxides, the red-hot ore remaining in the furnace after being completely roasted is mixed with an alkaline chloride (chloride of sodinm being preferred on account of its low price) in the proportion of about two parts by weight (more or less, according to the nature of the ore) of chloride lor each part by weight of metalHermes Handbags to be extracted from the ore. To obtain a more perfect mixture, I add to the chloride, before its introduction, about an equal weight of ore already roasted, mixing them intimately, and moistening them if dry. The moistened chloride or mixture of chloride and roasted ore ought then to be incorporated as intimately as possible with the red-hot ore in the furnace, and kept in a continual movement, and at a redHermes outlet heat until the smell of muriatic acid becomes less perceptible, and the ore commences to adhere to the workman's tools; the ore is then withdrawn from the furnace, and a fresh charge added. It is advantageous toHermes bags leave the red-hot ore thus withdrawn for some time in heaps, which renders the process still more perfect. If the ore contains no silica, it is requisite to add about 10 per cent. of this substance. The ores treated as before described are then submitted in a hot state, if possible, to lixiviation. I add to the water employed for Birkinthe lixiviation of the roasted ore, about 5 parts byweight, more or less according to the nature of the ore, of sulphuric, muriatic, or other acid to 1000 parts by weight of ore, to render more soluble the oxychlorides or chlorides, and to

2Hermes Handbag Empty Re: Hermes Handbag on Tue Jun 14, 2011 3:46 am


Nice POst......

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3Hermes Handbag Empty yes on Tue Jun 14, 2011 3:47 am


yes you are right i will try it..........

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