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Hermes Kelly

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1Hermes Kelly Empty Hermes Kelly on Sun May 22, 2011 4:02 am


For this purpose, the metallic ore is reduced to pieces and roasted, then pulverized, and again roasted with the admixtuHermes Kellyre of coke, coal, or charcoal reduced to minute particles. After perfect oxidation of these matters, Hahner proposed to introduce into the furnace, to be mixed with the ore, a mixture of about two parts or more of chloride of sodinm (common salt) or other alkaline chlorides, and three parts of ore already roasted to each part of metal to be extracted. When there was no longer any trace or smell of muriatic acid wpours, he introduced the roasted Hermes Handbagsore into vessels provided with filters, into which vessels water slightlyHermes Birkin acidulated was poured to wash thBirkine ore. According to this process, if the ore contains copper or silver, these metals will be found in the solution. The oxides of iron, tin, zinc, and so on, remain in the vessel; the oxide of tin is separated by washing, and the oxide of zinc by reducing it to metallic ziHermesnc. Gold remains also in the vessel, and is converted into chloride of gold by means of a stream of chlorine which is introduced into the vessel, and the chloride of gold dissolved in water. In certain cases, Hahner prefers to precHermes outletipitate the copper by means of a stream of sulphuretted hydrogen, or by a solution of common ash, potash, or soda alone or mixed with lime.

HahHermes bagsner further observes;—" To form the oxides I submit the ore to roasting either in the open air, or in kilns or furnaces for the purpose of expelling sulphur, arsenic, and other volatile substances, and render the ore more friable. If the metallic rock-gang contains calcareous substances, it must be burnt in a similar manner to lime, and dissolved in water; the oxides, and so on, of this ore will

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