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1Hermes Handbags  Empty Hermes Handbags on Sun May 22, 2011 3:53 am


not contain alkaline and metallic salts, I add strong and hot sulphate liquor, this solution having the propeHermes Kellyrty of dissolving chloride of silver; if, however, the whole of the chloride of silver is not dissolved by the first operation, I repeHermes outletat it. In treating such ores, if the sulphate of soda be not an object of importance to the manufacturer, as will sometimes happen, I precipitate the chloride of silver by means of diluting the solution with water; having obtained the dilute soluHermestion, I heat it as before mentioned; this operation of heating causes the particles of chloride of silver to aggregate, and facilitates its deposition. I allow the liquor to rest until the chloride of silver has subsided, and thHermes Birkin draw off the clear liquor; about forty-eight hours will generally be sufficient for its subsidence. I collect this precipitate and smelt it for silver.

"The ordinary regulus of the copper-smelter frequently contains a notable quantity of antimony; in this cHermes Handbagsase having obtained solutions as before, I proceed to precipitate the silver and antimony together by the process of dilution with water; I collect and smelt the precipitate with lead, or a compound of lead, in the well-known manner of smelting silvery lead ores, and thereby obtain the antimony and silver. But if the ore or mineral treated be a sulphide of copper containing silver mixed with any compound of iron, I mix such material with common salt, calcine and dissolve the copper with hot water, taking care that the solution be so weak as not to dissolve the chloride of silver, which is obtained with the oxide of iron as a residual product, which I smelHermes bagst with lead or compound of lead, as above described. If the ore or mineral I treat be a mixed mineral, such as sulphides of silver, lead, and copper, I proceed to mix such ore with common salt and calcine tho mass, and dissolve the cBirkinopper with water, and I prefer the use of a solution so dijute that tho chlorides of silver and lead are not retained in the cold solution, but are deposited with the mass of the lead contained in the ore; the copper of the weak solution I precipitate. But if it be desired to produce chloride salts of lead, I dilute it, and thereby precipitate the silver; I draw off the hot

2Hermes Handbags  Empty Re: Hermes Handbags on Mon Jun 13, 2011 6:05 am


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