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1Hermes outlet  Empty Hermes outlet on Sun May 22, 2011 3:52 am


"From suchorcs aHermes Kellynd minerals as are rich in silver, but containing little sulphur, with or without copper, I obtain solutions containing silver or silver and copper, as the case may be. I dilute the strong solutions with water; I heat the diluted solution by preference to boiling, and the silver is precipitated in the state of the chloride. I usually find this accomplished when Twaddle's hydrometer stands atHermes 30 when applied to the diluted liquors. When the chloride of silver is fully subsided, I run the liquor, if it contain copper, into another vessel or set of vessels, and precipitate the copper, and I collect the chloride of silver and smelt it. I can treat such ores and minerals as are rich in silver, but with little sulHermes Birkinhur, when containing copper, with common salt, and obtain solutions containing silver and copper. I produce a weak or diluted solution, and theHermes Handbagsreby precipitate the silver in the state of chloride on the residual matters of the ores or minerals. I mix the precipitate in this case with lead or lead ores, and smelt in the ordinary manner of smelting silvery lead ores; but if tho silver has been precipitated separately by dilution, it may at once be smelted and metallic silver obtained. The copper solution I treat by any of the well-known methods for separating copper.

"In treating regulus containing silver and copper, I mix it with 5 or 10 per cent• of common salt by weight of the regulus, and grind it so as to pass through a sieHermes outletve of 10 or more holes to the inch, and calcine the ground material in a furnace. As it is better to conduct this operation gradually, I prefer a furnace of three or more beds, each bed of about 12 ft. square, but a furnace with one oHermes bagsmore beds may be used. I place the first charge on the bed farthest from the fire, and when it has remained about eight hours in the back bed I move it on to the next bed, and so on in rotation, occasionally stirring it and drawing tBirkinhe finished charge at the bed nearest the fire; the calcined material is put into vessels. When the soluble portions are dissolved, if the calcined material does

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