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Prescription glasses
Now that I know I'm on a pilgrimage, what exactly is does that mean?
My pilgrimage is about focusing on God and seeking him with my whole heart. By this definition alone, a pilgrimage can be made sitting on my leather couch at home. Something happens when you leave life as you know it. Suddenly, all those things that drifted through the fog in your head, all those hazy issues, start to become clear. It's amazing what you can see when you're not in standing in the middle of your circumstances.
It reminds me of when I was a little kid and would try on my parents' prescription glasses . Everything was out of focus. I stumbled around the room, not sure of my footing, stumbling into tables, chairs, and even people. Then my head would start to hurt from trying so hard to focus my vision. I would continue on for a few more minutes before realizing that all I needed to do was remove the glasses. Immediately I would be able to see clearly again and the headache would quickly subside.
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That's what going on the World Race does. It removes the glasses and you suddenly realize it's not your vision that was impaired but the lenses through which you were looking. The issues in my life that I couldn't resolve while I was at home, living in the middle of them, are slowly coming into focus.
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