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1cheap Hermes Handbags Empty cheap Hermes Handbags on Thu Mar 10, 2011 4:37 am


tho with as little reason as if a lye should call hermes sale it self an answer to that old great question, What is truth, hath inforced those that do not love to be Jhamm'dupon, not to measure Hermes Bags mens atlions by their words% but their words by their Atlions. And tho a mans written books are Hermes Outlet called his works, yet have I observed an occasion of Sarcafme given thereby, when one speaking of a particul ar Divines excellent writings, said he loved his works, but hated his actions. And written works are now indeed but actings as when a man doth ageregestum inscena on the Stage of the World, and five fingers for them he finds but only a Theatrical applause, Nor so much as that, when like the Atlor cryingO heavens, he looks down on hermes birkin the Earth.

As he is alwaies accounted but a smatterer in knowledge who is a pedant,ot petty-Chapman in vibram five fingers KSO words, so he playes but at small Hermes Handbags games in vibram fivefingers politicks, who is a pedant or trader in words, or who indeed will give any hermes kelly thing for them. He who doth verba dare has bad morah, and who gives any vibram five fingers review thing else for them has bad intellectuals, and according to that old Monkifl) verse they said, Res dare pro rebus, pro ver bis verba folemus.

The only realsecurity therefore that the World hath for its quiet, is mens only gwingafeeming belief to seeming professions and protestations for as Ayr our of its place makes Earth quakes, lo if the articulate air of mens words gets beyond my hearing into my belief, it may there raise those commotions of ijassion that may make me vibram five fingers trouble both my self and the World, and particulary by the passion of jealousie before-mentioned, on my desire where I have a kindness that it should be mutual, and when positive words brought me into the fools paradise of believing it possible, a thing perhaps not possible in nature, that two bodies and minds whose faculties must needs be different, should have an equal intenseness of love for each other, no president of friendship.

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